On Our Way

Andrew, Cisco and I have departed a two week journey to the north and west. We will be on the road for two weeks. On our list of things to see are:

  • The Arch in Saint Louis
  • The Badlands
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Glacier National Park
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Lost Valley Ranch (Colorado)
  • Sand Dunes National Park

We already witnessed the famous Saint Louis Arch last night (Saturday, 4ish am). It was quite huge. Very cool. We only stayed for a few quick minutes (a cool cop let us park illegally close to the arch). I had the second shift of driving, which went from  about half-midnight until around 4am. I slept after we stopped at the arch. It seems like a dream even now because I was so tired when we stopped.

We’ve continued up through Iowa, and will soon be headed west through South Dakota.


Sunday, August 9

We made it through part of South Dakota Saturday. We arrived at Badlands National Park just in time for sunset. I’ve never seen anything like that place. Very beautiful. Afterwards, we drove into a little town called Wall. Wall is home to the allegedly famous Wall Drug(there were a ton(>60) of signs for it along the roads we’ve travelled so far, reminiscent of Rock City signs all over the southeast). We decided we’d stay at a hotel for the night to give our bodies a full recharge. I’m writing this from our breakfast table at Wall Drug. This place reminds me of Cracker Barrel.

From here we plan to head further west. Making a brief stop at Mount Rushmore before we drive on to Glacier National Park. It will be after dark when we arrive and we haven’t yet arranged a place for us to stay…

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  1. Hey guys. You are hitting some great sites. Brings back memories. But, what happened to Rushmore. Is it next?

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