Notes for Next Time: Sprint Triathlon

This past weekend I participated in my first sprint triathlon in Chattanooga. It was pretty fun, though I was completely unprepared, and don’t even have a time to beat. Here are some of my notes to self for next time:

  • Maybe train a little. It will make you faster.
  • Fasten your time chip loosely AND securely. If you kick it off during your swim, you will have no clue what your time was. If it’s too tight, when you flex, you may pop the velcro loose.
  • Check your tire pressure BEFORE the race starts. If you stop to pump up your tire(s), you will be slower. Moron.
  • Mountain bikes will be passed by road bikes on the road. A lot! Maybe borrowing a road bike would be a good idea.
  • Speaking of getting passed, try not to worry when people half or twice your age pass you. It’s all about having fun, right? They’re just having more fun than you 🙂
  • Find someone to train/race with. I think this would be a great motivational tool, and add to the fun.

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