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Facebook now includes a feature that lets you basically download everything you’ve ever posted, including photos, videos, wall posts, and messages. This allows you to browse your files offline and/or do whatever you want with your files. I could see this being especially useful for those that may want to delete their Facebook accounts, but don’t want to abandon all of the content that is already there.

Here’s how you do it:

Visit your "Account Settings" under the "Account" menu.
Click "Download a copy of your Facebook data."
Enter your password. You will be emailed a link when your archive is ready.
Once you get the email link, click to download your archive.
Stare at the progress of the download until it's complete.
Unzip the file and open the folder. Here are all of the files. Select "index.html" to use your web browser to access the files.
Here's what the index page looks like. Strangely reminiscent of your profile, with no Facebook styles. Click on the sidebar links to begin nostalgia.


View all of your wall posts, since the beginning of wall posts. These are some of the first scribblings on my wall.
All of the videos you've posted are downloaded as well, including mobile video uploads. Comments on photos and videos are maintained as well.

Very cool of Facebook to allow you do download your data and use it however you see fit. Looking at my wall since the wall began definitely brings me back.

It would be nice if I could also download the content that I’ve been tagged in, although I understand why I can’t.

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