Dear Men/Women

A couple of weeks ago, I was inspired by a friend of mine to try a little experiment. This friend had posted a small rant on her Facebook profile that provided some general thoughts directed towards the opposite sex. The note had 20+ comments in no time, and there were many opinions being fired. I thought about that for awhile, and came up with an idea.

What if there was a site dedicated to letting people anonymously write letters to the opposite sex? The idea was easy enough, so I spent some time hammering it out. The result is two different sites: and

Shortly after I had it up and running I sent the link out to some of my Facebook friends. They gave me some feedback and started sending a few letters. I also posted the link on Reddit. In less than two weeks, the sites have received over 15,000 pageviews and over 200 letters have been sent. It’s been fun to see what people are willing to share when anonymity is given to their voice. That has also raised issues of moderating spam/inappropriate comments.

The website is built on top of the WordPress platform, and uses the Pods CMS Framework plugin as well. I’ve got some more ideas for the site, and may implement them as time allows. I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, criticisms etc. What do you think?

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