On Shia’s JUST DO IT Video

The curious motivational video of Shia LaBeouf that has been plastered all over the internet in recent months is kind of hilarious. The fact that the footage was shot against a green screen has made it really easy for people to remix it in all sorts of hilarious ways.

I’m going to skip the part where I speculate about the original purpose of the footage (or whether it was some viral scheme from the beginning) and just say this:

I actually find it pretty motivating.

I’m not sure if it’s the humor, the intensity, the strangeness, or a combination thereof, but I actually find myself remembering this whenever I feel like I should do something, but not right now. On a few different occasions I’ve actually been able to follow through on some ideas after remembering this silly video. It’s like my lazy thoughts are interru— YESTERDAY YOU SAID TOMORROW, JUST DO IT!!!

Friendcation OBX 2015

Lacey and I spent last week at the Outer Banks of North Carolina with some great friends. We had an excellent time playing in the waves, chilling on the beaches, reading, exploring local historical spots, eating good food, playing ridiculous games, and laughing hard.


2014 is now at an end. In my opinion, it has been a massive success. The best yet, even! Here is a list of personal highlights for 2014:

  • Lacey and I planned our wedding in 3 months.
  • We got married!
  • We honeymooned in Costa Rica.
  • I quit a job, and started a new (awesome) one.
  • I became a level 9 uncle (Fisher, my newest nephew, was born).
  • Lacey and I purchased stand-up paddle boards.
  • We went to the beach with some great friends.
  • We enjoyed Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge with Lacey’s family.
  • I witnessed Dad and Mom enter their 37th year of marriage.
  • We did Christmas in Knoxville with my Family (all four sisters were in town).
  • We saved a little money.

There are some pretty significant bullet points on that list! I am thankful for what this past year has brought us, and I look forward to what’s in store for 2015. Here are some of the plans/goals I’m looking forward to:

  • A weekend mountain trip with some really good friends.
  • Attending a marriage conference with Lacey.
  • Celebrating our first anniversary (details TBD)!
  • Having a man-night every other week!
  • Traveling somewhere new.
  • Spending time with family.
  • Becoming a better programmer.
  • Reading more.
  • Being more physically active.
  • Saving more money.
  • Investing in relationships.


Hearing the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s untimely death today gave me pause. It is always a bit strange when a popular celebrity dies relatively young. For me, it is a pointed reminder of our frailty, no matter how much we have going for us.

doubtThis evening, I decided to watch a movie in which Hoffman starred in 2008 (and which I had meant to see for some time). The movie is ‘Doubt‘. It’s one of those rare films that captures you, makes you feel uncertain, and leaves you with more questions by the end than answers. The acting in this film was quite an achievement. I can tell this film will have me mulling over some of its themes for some time. If you haven’t seen this movie, and you’re into more thought-provoking films, I would recommend this one.

One of the scenes that stuck me was when Hoffman’s character preaches a sermon on gossip. You can watch the clip here:

Apple’s Privacy Standards Are Sliding

The above video shows the late Steve Jobs explaining Apple’s policy in regards to location data and privacy. Now this may have all been true when he said it, but things are a little different now. What Steve explains sounds nice: Each app having to request permission for location data each and every time they want it. But what happens in the real-world is illustrated perfectly every time I launch the Facebook app on iOS:

Facebook App Location Services

Every single time I open the Facebook app, I see that the locations services icon is active, which means the current app is receiving location data. Even if I’ve just opened the app to see what’s new on my timeline, Facebook is accessing my location data. Why? This is absolutely not what Jobs communicated when he talked about Apple being paranoid about location privacy.

Let’s say I turn off location services for the Facebook app:

Turn Off Facebook Location Services

This is all fine and good if I never want Facebook to use my location data. But what if I’m posting some photos from a camping trip I’m on, and I really would like to include my location data in this post, since I think that may be of interest to my friends. I should be able to tell Facebook they can use my location data just this once, right?

Add LocationSo, the Facebook app is suggesting that I just turn on location services indefinitely, and I’m not given the option to temporarily allow access.

So, what happened, Apple? Why do you always have to know where I am, Facebook? Really?