Mac Tips: Accent Marks on the Mac

You may not use accent marks a whole lot, but for when you do, knowing how easy it is to use them on the Mac comes in handy.

There are a couple different ways to implement accents on the Mac:

If you hold down the option key while hitting the letter, the mac will guess which accent (if there are any) you’re wanting to use, you can then type the letter again without the option key to insert it below the accent mark.

Another option is to just hold down the key of the letter you’re typing. The Mac OS will pop up a list of accent choices (if there are any for that letter) and you can use the number keys or your mouse to select the appropriate accent mark.

Mac Tips: Make folders open in a new window

I remember a friend of mine complaining awhile back about the strange way that the Macintosh opens new folders in the same window instead of a new one. This seems a hard transition for some users. There are a couple of different methods for opening folders (or devices) in new windows:

  1. Command Clicking – Holding the command key while double clicking a folder opens the following folder in a new window. This is great if you only want this behavior some of the time.
  2. Modify the Finder Preferences – With the Finder in the foreground, choose Finder -> Preferences… and check the box that says “Always open folders in a new window” Now all folders will open in new windows. Command clicking will now have the opposite effect.