Nicolas Ritter – One

This is a pretty brilliant idea. I would like to try this technique at some point.

the project » one «  focuses on the individual in a crowd. It particularly  imitates the way in which the human eye observes: not viewing  a crowd as a crowd, but observing little micro-scenes inside of it. all images are taken in london.

See more of Ritter’s work at his website.

Franqui Family Shoot

Another sweet photo shoot with another sweet family. My partner in crime, Lacey Thompson, is really quite excellent at posing people and working with them to get a very natural feel. This really frees me up to focus on getting the best captures I can, technically. I used a remote flash(Nikon SB-600 with cheapo flash trigger) for the indoor shots, bouncing it off of the ceiling or walls. I also used it as a fill for several of the outdoor shots, to fight the direct sunlight.

Definitely a cool blessing to work with my girl, and to work with such a fun client!